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2023 Guber: PDP Victory Agenda advocates Kwara Central candidacy

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A group within the opposition Party, Peoples Democratic Party Victory Agenda (PVA) has advised the leadership of PDP not to risk the chance of adopting a Kwara North candidate in 2023 against the incumbent governor, otherwise the party will be giving the incumbent governor a free ride to victory in the 2023 governorship election.

The group gave the advice during a Press Conference held on Monday at the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Press Centre, Ilorin, Kwara State.

It recommended that the party must fly an acceptable, competent and reliable candidate in the Kwara Central to serve a term of four years to stabilize the state. Then, Kwara North should be considered for equity and justice in 2027 when PDP must have returned to power in Kwara State.

According to a speech delivered by the group’s Chairman, Dr. Babatunde Salami, “considering the political opportunity at this critical period, the PVA suggests that the party should consider the Kwara Central candidacy to harness and utilize the opportunity of block votes from the district to the PDP’s advantage.

“Base on population and polling units, there is no controversy over the Kwara Central’s opportunity of having the highest number of electorate in the State. Also, Kwara Central has a political leader who can give political direction. Lastly, the Senatorial District has the advantage of delivering a block vote if they so desire, especially if the candidate is of Ilorin emirate origin”.

Speaking on the political strength of Districts, Dr. Salami said that the voting strength of Ilorin emirate cannot be undermined in the coming elections. With the recent creation of more polling units across the nation by the Independent National Electoral Commission in May, 2021, the Ilorin emirate now has a total of 1,207 polling units, plus another 142 polling units advantage of Moro Local Government Area in the Kwara North which is a member of the Ilorin emirate. Making a total of 1,349 units in Ilorin emirate. Meaning 67.6% of the polling units in the two senatorial districts.

According to him, “the Kwara North has 785 polling units. Out of this, 142 polling units of Moro Local Government Area belong to the Ilorin emirate. Therefore, only 643 polling units belong to the Kwara north. Making 32.4% of the total polling units in the two Senatorial Districts.

“As we approach the electioneering year, the preparations and permutations for 2023 is gaining momentum and political gladiators are now moving closer to the track. Moreover, the two prominent political parties in Kwara State have just concluded their State Congresses.

“Thus, the agitation for Kwara North candidacy in the forthcoming governorship election is now occupying the political space in Kwara State. The agitators have the political right but do not consider the winning calculation at this political challenging time for the PDP in Kwara State.

“It is pertinent to share the political analysis of the two competing Senatorial Districts in Kwara State (Kwara Central and North) in the governorship election with the PDP stalwarts, electorate and the public for political justification and consideration for election victory for the PDP.

“The PDP Victory Agenda and a group of professional Strategy Planners and Executors have painstakingly studied the Kwara State political scenario in preparation for the 2023 general elections and specifically between the Kwara Central and Kwara North Senatorial Districts on the governorship candidacy, and arrive at an empirical analysis and submissions as here presented.

“With humility and utmost respect to the PDP national leader, Dr. Bukola Saraki, the Kwara State PDP Chairman, Rt. Honourable Babatunde Mohammed, and PDP stalwarts, I wish to share the outcome of PVA findings on the subject matter to complement the efforts of the leader (Dr. Bukola Saraki) and the party in general while taking decision on the governorship candidate and also convincing the party stalwarts on where the PDP governorship flagbearer should emerge in the next election”, Dr. Salami said.

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