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2023: US based singer declares interest to run for Nigeria’s President

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A United States of America-based singer and nurse, Joseph Faduri, aka Fadojoe, has declared his interest to run by for Nigeria’s president comes 2023.

Speaking from his base in the US weekend, Fadojoe, who hails from Ipetu, Osun State, maintained that his presidential ambition is anchored on his belief that he can solve the country’s numerous problems.

He said, “I am running for president in 2023 to fix the numerous problems in our country, Nigeria.

“I studied Sociology at the Ambrose Ali University, Edo State, but after my graduation, I could not secure a job for about five years. In 2007, I relocated to New York City in search of a better life. Since then, I have been visiting Nigeria regularly.

“However, I noticed that anytime I came to Nigeria, the country always seemed to be getting worse. Here in America, I am a licensed nurse and I am doing well. But, whenever I see the level of hunger and insecurity in the country, I have a burning desire to help people who are suffering.”

On what would be his priority if he succeeds in his quest to be president, Faduri said.”My first priority would be to fix the problem of unstable and inadequate electricity. That is because any nation that wants to succeed must have constant electricity. Without steady power supply, there cannot be any meaningful development in a nation.”

The singer also maintained that he did not need to be a politician before having the skills to salvage the country. He said, “I don’t need to be a politician before I fix the problems in Nigeria. It is just a matter of common sense. All I need to do is change the system that is not working. I am not contesting the presidency because I am hungry or I have no job. I am going there because I want to serve the people of my country and our problems.”

Speaking on how he would support the entertainment industry if he achieved his ambition to be the number one citizen of the country, Fadojoe said, “As entertainers, we offer a lot but get peanuts in return.

If I am elected as the president, piracy would be treated like the serious crime it is.”

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