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Ajia@42: Celebrating a pathfinder for generational change

by Editor

By Abdullateef ‘Lanre Ahmed

Four decades and two years are no mean feat in the life of a man. Such period with its longevity would have come with it good, bad and ugly. It is therefore a rollercoaster of some sort.

And the trajectory of over forty years sojourn on the earthly realm with ups and downs and the turn of events for Alhaji Mohammed Ibrahim Ajia, a former governorship aspirant and National Coordinator, New Nigeria Movement (NNM), naturally calls for a deeper reflection.

Some quality attributes single him out among his peers and that perhaps remain a phenomenon that has propelled him thus far. He is a gentleman to the core, philanthropist, youth advocate, detribalized Nigerian and lover humanity.

Although Shakespeare says in Macbeth that “There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face…”, the disposition and kindness of Ajia towards others can be foretold with implicit confidence.

Despite his modest wealth, influence and connection that extend far beyond his imagination, the celebrant is a Pan-Nigerian, who makes friends with utmost ease and builds bridges. He has all the qualities of a Renaissance man.

From his Ajia Ogbonde Quarters in Ilorin Emirate to Yobe and Ebonyi States in North East and South East and throughout the nation, the descendant of Shugaban Fulani of Kwara State has endeared himself to the people, who do not only see him as a rich bundle of talents but potential leader in the nearest future.

This probably accounted for why he resigned from the Nigerian Police Force having risen to the rank of Superintendent of Police and subsequently threw his into the ring for the apex political office in Kwara State ahead of the 2019 general elections.

For those who do not know, the leadership trait is capable of bringing one out of his cocoon even without prompting. And so, it transcended a child’s play when Ajia resolved within himself that time has come to offer his best, particularly at the point that the discourse about paradigm shift in governance of Kwara was rife.

That period might have come and gone but it left behind further discourse within the polity that, come what may, the state is not bereft of individuals who can pick up the gauntlets, especially at their prime.

Prior, Ajia has demonstrated the willingness to be a good leader with his Mohammed Ajia Ibrahim Foundation (MAI Foundation), which he used as a launchpad to reach out to the less privileged in the society.

Quite number of interventions had and still being carried out through the foundation that are nondiscriminatory in nature. From free healthcare service to provision of water, construction of transit camp, cash reward and collaboration with other progressive organizations among others, MAI foundation has become a force to reckon with.

In a society that is riddled by greed, avarice, self centeredness, covetousness and unbridled accumulation of wealth at the expense of the populace, one would have foreclosed possibility of having a selected individuals, divinely inspired to assist a few people either in their neighbourhood or the society at large.

But that is not for Mohammed Ibrahim Ajia, a security expert of repute, who strongly holds the belief that swimming in affluence is nonsensical when you cannot put smiles on the faces of those around you.It is often said that charity starts from home. And that is a true reflection of what Ajia is. In his family quarters, he has used his God-given talents to galvanize his people and to the point that he feels very relaxed and comfortable whenever he is in their midst.

And of recent, he has preoccupied himself with the genuine call to reawake the consciousness of the youth to take over the mantle of leadership across all stratas in view of the protracted dashed hopes with the current geriatric approach, which he believed, has not been helpful if Nigeria must be at the top among her contemporaries in the world.

Without any claim to large than life, Ajia has assumed a player, who is bestriding the horse like a Colossus. And he deserved to be celebrated for becoming a pathfinder for generational change to birth patriotic leadership that Nigerians crave.

Here is wishing him good health and longevity of life for more service to humanity.

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