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Freedom of media situation in Nigeria needs urgent improvement – CJID

by Editor

The Centre for Journalism Innovation and Development (CJID) has said that there is no doubt that the just-concluded Presidential and National Assembly elections in Nigeria saw a vibrant and active civil society ecosystem and media landscape. 

According to the Centre, “the close coverage of the elections and the zealous evaluation of the process is a testament to that.

“Sad to note that media freedom remains a contentious issue, with concerns raised around the safety of journalists and the ability (or inability thereof) of media organizations to report freely and objectively.

“Despite all these challenges, Nigeria’s media landscape remains undaunted. The media played a crucial role in the election by informing the public and of course, holding politicians accountable.

“Needless to say though, the freedom of the media situation in Nigeria needs urgent improvement. The government and security agencies need to do more in ensuring that journalists are able to report freely and safely without fear or reprisal.

“On our part at CJID, we will continue to fight for a media landscape that is not only strengthened but is also free to report true and accurate information that serves the public. We hope you join us in this fight!”.

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