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Leadership tussle: NURTW calls on NLC to stay clear of internal affairs

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The National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) has issued a stern letter to the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), calling on it to refrain from interfering in their internal matters and to respect the autonomy granted to them by their constitution.

In a letter addressed to the President and General Secretary of the NLC, NURTW leaders demanded that the NLC should desist from meddling in their affairs, emphasizing that the NURTW is solely an affiliate of the NLC and nothing more.

The letter highlighted that the constitutional framework governing the NURTW and the need to adhere to it. They assert that their constitution has clear provisions for the election of new leadership, which has been underway following the expiration of the previous leadership’s tenure in August 2023.

The NURTW’s constitution prescribes zonal elections leading to a national affirmation process, slated for October 25, 2023, to elect new leadership. This constitutional framework, according to the NURTW leaders, ensures the orderly transition of power within their union.

Expressing their readiness to protect their autonomy, the NURTW leaders have given the NLC seven days to heed their appeal to stay clear of their internal matters. Should the NLC disregard their request, the NURTW leaders are prepared to take legal actions and conduct mass protests, even threatening to occupy the NLC headquarters if necessary.

They also state that they are prepared to legally sever their remaining relationship with the NLC and explore other options, citing their constitutional right to freedom of association and disassociation.

The letter also draws attention to the NURTW’s alleged dissatisfaction with the past leadership’s performance within the NLC, including non-remittance of NLC affiliation fees, which they believe reflects poorly on the NLC’s reputation.

In conclusion, the NURTW leaders express their determination to reclaim their lost glory and safeguard their self-determination for the benefit of their membership, urging the NLC to respect the boundaries set by their constitution.

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