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Nigerian citizens struggle to afford basic necessitates – Adeleye

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Lukman Adeleye, the Minority Leader of the Ogun State Assembly, has voiced his concern about the current state of affairs in the country and has urgently appealed to President Bola Tinubu to take decisive action.

Adeleye expressed deep distress over the prevailing conditions, asserting that many Nigerians are now unable to provide sustenance for themselves and their families due to the steep escalation in food prices.

He emphasized that the cost of essential food items has surged to unaffordable levels, disproportionately affecting ordinary citizens.

These remarks were delivered during an empowerment event held in Odogbolu, organized to commemorate this year’s International Youth Day and support small-scale enterprises.

Adeleye lamented the adverse impact of the abrupt removal of fuel subsidies and the currency devaluation on the purchasing power of the population. He stressed the need for political leaders to empower the masses and alleviate the present hardships.

“The distressing reality is that an increasing number of individuals are struggling to secure even basic meals, as the cost of essential food items and various commodities has experienced an alarming surge.

Moreover, the plight of small-scale businesses has worsened considerably due to inflationary pressures. It is imperative that the President intervenes promptly to avert a worsening crisis,” Adeleye asserted.

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