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NRC issues cautionary notice about counterfeit ticketing website

by Editor

The Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has raised awareness among the general public, clarifying that e-ticketing has not been implemented for the Lagos-Ibadan Train Service.

Highlighting the potential risks, the NRC cautioned prospective passengers to exercise vigilance against falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Mr. Mahmoud Yakubu, the spokesperson for the NRC, emphasized in an official statement that the sale of online train tickets for the Lagos to Ibadan route has not yet commenced.

He also revealed the existence of a suspicious website allegedly created by cybercriminals with the intention to deceive intending travelers.

In light of this situation, individuals planning to travel via rail from Lagos to Ibadan are urged to exercise caution in the realm of digital platforms.

The NRC further affirmed its commitment to implementing a secure online ticketing system for the Lagos, Ibadan, Warri, and Itakpe train services in the near future.

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