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Ajijolakewu cautions media practitioners on spiritual contract with Allah

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A senior lecturer at the Department of Microbiology, University of Ilorin, Dr. Kamaldeen Ajijolakewu, has charged Muslims in the country to consistently renew their spiritual contract with Allah through reading of the glorious Qur’an and give out charity to purify their fast before the Eid day.

Dr. Ajijolakewu gave the charge on Thursday at a Ramadan program organised by the Kwara State Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria(MMPN) held at the Kwara Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ), Press Center, Ilorin.

He urged practitioners to change most negative narrative about Islam and Muslim on the media space, saying that such practice would be a condition to remove their sin in the hereafter.

The University don also called on Muslim to dedicate the last ten days of Ramadan to good deeds, seeking Allah’s forgiveness and move closer to Allah for abundant rewards.

The award winning microbiologist emphasised that Muslims practitioner should demonstrate professionalism in discharging constructional duty and use their pen to promote peace and social value reorientation.

Speaking on the topic, “Maximising benefits of Ramadan”, the guest lecturer, said that fasting is recommended by the Almighty Allah for every believers, adding that it is a surest way to have sins forgiven and possible entry to Paradise.

Dr. Ajijolakewu, who is also the Chief Imam of Sarab Central Mosque, Ilorin, said that no sinner would gain Paradise, adding that there is no place for the filth in Paradise, however, said that some of the ways human beings can get cleansed from sins is either through getting punished in hell, being saved through intercession of good people, or through good deeds from one’s profession.

The cleric, thus, enjoined media practitioners to endeavour to gain paradise and attract Allah’s forgiveness and mercy through what they disseminate to members of the public in form of news materials.

“Through your profession, you may have yourself cleansed of your sins or get your sins forgiven by Allah through what you write as a journalists to promote good deeds or promote Allah. The Almighty Allah would forgive you, except if one has committed shirk (associating other gods with Allah)”.

The cleric said that Muslims can maximise benefits of Ramadan through exaltation of the Almighty Allah, observing complete Salat, providing Sadaqat, Zakatul- Fitri, and observing I’tikaf.

He also said that rewards for all the good deeds by believers are multiplied in folds in the month of Ramadan and are directed to attract Allah’s mercy.

The University Don, who said that there is need for more Muslims in journalism, added that Muslim media practitioners could help to educate people on Islam better than others.

He said that having more Muslim media practitioners in media profession would also discourage demonising of Islam by some unscrupulous Non-Muslims.

The cleric also urged Muslims to believe in power of prayers and be spiritually contented, enjoining them not to rely on any substance or items as substitute to power of prayers.

He advised Muslim parents to encourage their children and wards to have knowledge of the Holy Qur’an to be able to recite Qur’an in their homes for spiritual sustainability and attraction of Allah’s mercy.

The cleric, who said that best part of every thing is always the most rewarding and better, added that the last part of Ramadan is always more rewarding such as Laylatul Qadri; Quran, the last holy book; Islam, the last religion; Prophet Muhammad (SAW), the last prophet; our lives, the last part of our lives is the best, etc.

Earlier in his welcome address,the state Coordinator, MMPN, Mallam AbdulRasaq Laaro, described the program as unique to get Allah’s favour and asked practitioner to be conscious of their duties.

Also speaking, the state coordinator of the MMPN, Mallam Abdulrazaq Laaro, said that part of the objectives of the group includes,”To promote, preserve, protect and cater for the religious, moral, social and spiritual advancement of the Muslims in Nigeria and globally; and to encourage literacy and intellectual pursuits among all Muslims and in particular the study of Islam”.

“To also cooperate with other Muslim Associations having similar aims and objectives for the propagation of Islam; the association shall be non-partisan; and to engage in lawful activities in fulfilment and furtherance of the aforementioned aims and objectives”.

The event witnessed special prayers for the Nation, Kwara state, the Association, and individual members of the Association.

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