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Don’t inflate prices of commodities unjustly, Hijrah Council of Nigeria charges traders

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The Hijrah Council of Nigeria has charged traders across the Country to be just in their dealings with fellow Nigerians by making sure they do not inflate prices of goods and services unjustly.

The Non- Government,Non-Political and Non-Ethnic call was among the Communique reached at the weekend in Offa,Kwara State the Sha’aban meeting with the Council’s stakeholders, held at the premises of the Chief Imam of Offa, Fadilatu Sheikh Alhaji Muyideen Salman.

The communique, signed by its National President, Professor Lanre Badamas Yusuf, also appreciated the efforts of its members in Offa, especially the Chief Imam, for proper managing of Affairs of the Muslims in the ancient community.

The communique also stated that the meeting,discussed and agreed on several positive issues that will benefit the Muslims across the Country.

Meanwhile, responding on behalf of the host community, Offa, the Fadilatu Sheikh Muyideen Salman,also called for unity and solidarity among Muslims of the world, imploring them to find areas of differences and be resolved amicably.

Spurred by the status quo of Muslims strained relationship with one another all over the world, the Chief Imam, said that the only way to show the beauty of Islam is for the Muslims to work in unity and solidarity.

“Muslims, all over the world, should know that our religion is a peaceful religion; it is a beautiful one. So, whatever dispositions we would be portraying to the outside world, the beauty of Islam should be the foremost thing we will be portraying to them. Let them see the beauty of Islam in us, so that others would be moved to practise it”,Fadilatu Sheikh Muyideen Salman said.

According to him,do not let us make discrimination and bigotry reign among ourselves,our Lord is one; Qur’an is one, Ka’aba (the sacred house in Makkah) is one, so, let us manage the areas of differences among ourselves and let us have a round-table discussion and solve the misconceptions and misunderstandings among ourselves, fight should not be the tool for mediation all the time.

He said that ironing our differences out with fight will always portray Muslims as being weak and bereft of understanding; whereas Islam is the religion that is fully garnished with understanding and there is nothing we want to do in Islam that has not been recorded.

“Let us come together and bridge the gaps among us, so that people will not be dissuaded from embracing Islam. Why would they embrace a religion whose practitioners do not understand one another, he stressed.

The Chief Imam also urged the influential Muslims to assist Islam with whatever Allah has blessed them; be it money, knowledge or positions of power.

According to him, the rich should spend the money which Allah has gave him in helping His course, likewise the knowledgeable Muslims and those holding positions of power.

He called unto them all to concert the gifts of Allah on them to take Islam to theory peak.

He added that, that was how the Prophet Muhammad’s (May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) administration was successfully built. He, therefore urged all Muslims to follow suit.

In his advice to the contestants in the upcoming 2023 general elections, he admonished them to know that it is whatever has decreed that will happen, adding that they should not have the mindset of getting the position either by hook or by crook.

According to him, if Allah wills, they will triumph, and if otherwise, they may lose.

He also warned them not to turn their followers into ruffians and miscreants all in the name of getting power.

He said this is because those turned miscreants, thugs and hooligans will later be the ones to cleave the peace of the society after the elections, as it will be quite impossible to get back the ammunitions from them.

He therefore warned them not to bastardize the lives of Nigerian youths so as to meet their own ends.

The members present later paid visit to the on going hospital construction site by the Chief Imam, which was described as a project that will leave to testify the efforts of the Imam in the community.

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