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ECOWAS Defence Chiefs convene in Abuja to address Niger coup crisis

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Defence chiefs representing the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) are set to gather in Abuja, Nigeria, today to discuss the recent coup in the Republic of Niger, according to a statement released by the regional bloc on Tuesday.

The emergency meeting comes after ECOWAS leaders imposed sanctions on Niger in response to the coup and issued a warning that they may resort to the use of force against the junta. The bloc has called for the immediate reinstatement of President Bazoum, who is currently being held captive.

In response to the ECOWAS sanctions, the junta issued a cautionary statement, vowing to resist any form of aggression from Western or regional powers against Niger.

During a summit held on Sunday in Nigeria, ECOWAS leaders expressed “zero tolerance” for coups and outlined their determination to restore constitutional order within the next seven days.

The bloc emphasized that if their demands were not met within the given timeframe, they would take all necessary measures, including the possibility of military intervention.

The planned meeting of military chiefs will focus on strategizing and planning for potential intervention to address the crisis in Niger, as stated in the recent ECOWAS declaration.

The situation in Niger remains highly sensitive, and the international community is closely monitoring developments in the region. ECOWAS aims to find a peaceful and constitutional resolution to the crisis and restore stability in Niger.

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