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Eid-li-Fitr: IWF congratulates members, Muslims… calls for Tinubu intervention on economic situation

by Editor

The Coordinator of the Islamic Welfare Foundation (IWF) Kwara State Chapter, Is’hak Mohammed Sabi, has congratulated all members of the IWF and the entire Muslim ummah for their dedication and participation in the spiritual exercise.

He also expressed gratitude to the Almighty Allah for the successful completion of the 1445 Ramadan.

Sabi highlighted the significance of the Ramadan period in cleansing the body, soul, and spirit of believers, urging Muslims to maintain and sustain the purity achieved during the holy month to attract blessings from Allah for themselves, the state, and the nation as a whole.

The Coordinator called on all Muslims to support the current administration under President Bola Ahmed Tinubu with prayers and patience, while also urging the President to take swift action in addressing the high cost of petroleum products.

He suggested the building of prototype refineries in each geo-political zone as a short-term solution to lower the cost of petrol and alleviate economic hardships faced by Nigerians.

Emphasizing the importance of quick economic intervention measures over long-term refinery models, Sabi cautioned against adopting structures akin to the Dangote refinery, which he believes would prolong the suffering of the common people.

He urged the President to act with the fear of Allah and prioritise the interests of the populace in reversing the economic challenges.

Sabi commended the global Muslim ummah for their support of the Palestinian cause and urged continued prayers and efforts towards a positive resolution.

He also called for prayers for the protection and success of newly elected leaders in Africa, including President Basirou Faye of Senegal, to aid in the progress and emancipation of their nations and the continent.

The statement reads: ” I give glory to almighty Allah for the successful completion of the 1445 Ramadhan praying that may Allah accept our ibaada.

“I therefore congratulate all members of IWF and indeed the entire Muslim ummah for successfully partaking in the 1445 Ramadan ibaada.
It is indeed an opportunity to be part of this great spiritual exercise which cleanses the body, soul and spirit of believers.

” I therefore call on all Muslims not to waste away this great spiritual benefit but rather maintain , sustain the purity that has been achieved and use it to attract varying benefits from Allah for the individual self, for the State and the Nation at large because the supplication of a soul that is pure easily get granted by the supreme diety, Allah.

“Because we have hope in the favours of Allah, we should therefore not lose hope in the current leadership of Nigeria under Bola Ahmed Tinubu, believing that the renewed hope of the Tinubu’s administration will eventually be a reality we should therefore support the president with prayers and patience even as I call on the President to expedite action in reversing the current mad cost of petroleum products by building proto type refineries, one in each geo political zone of the country, this was supposed to have been done before the removal of petroleum subsidy. It is still not late and such action will surely crash the cost of petrol which will without doubt affect the high cost of all other goods and services in the country.

“Prototype refineries are meant to serve as quick economic intervention measures while the bogus Dangote types of refineries are capitalist and long term based economic structures. “Developing economies are usually better off with prototypes which could be built within few months.

“The Port Harcourt and Warri refineries are similar to the Dangote models and would in this kind of situation only prolong the suffering of the common man.
“We therefore ask the President to fear Allah and take the action that will quickly bring down the economic hardship under which Nigerians are currently dying.

“I equally commend the Muslim ummah the world over for their support of the Palestinian challenge with fervent prayers and other forms of struggle. I urge the ummah to sustain the tempo as “it is not over until it is over”.

“I also wish to request the Muslim brotherhood to keep praying for the protection and success of the new President of Senegal, Basirou Faye and his Government and all other emerging leaderships in Africa so that they may succeed in the emancipation of their nations and African as a whole. May Allah give us good health and long life to witness many more Ramadhans.
Thank you.”

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