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FORGING A RESILIENT AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE: Engr. Suleiman Rotimi Iliasu Addresses Mechanical Engineering’s Role in Nigeria’s Development

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In a momentous address delivered on Monday, Engr. Suleiman Rotimi Iliasu illuminated the crucial role of mechanical engineers in shaping Nigeria’s future. The speech took place at the Inauguration Ceremony of the 4th Chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) Ilorin Chapter, a significant event that showcased the commitment of mechanical engineers to Nigeria’s growth and progress.

Engr. Iliasu’s speech revolved around the theme, “Infrastructure Development & Mechanical Engineering Innovation: Forging a Resilient and Sustainable Future for Nigeria.” In his enlightening address, he highlighted the pivotal role mechanical engineers play in various aspects of the nation’s development, touching on infrastructure, energy efficiency, and technological progress.

According to him, Nigeria, a country teeming with potential and aspirations for growth, faces substantial challenges, including corruption, inadequate infrastructure, and political instability. These challenges have hindered efficient resource allocation and infrastructural development. To surmount these hurdles and unlock Nigeria’s potential, mechanical engineers are poised to lead the charge.

Their responsibilities encompass a wide array of critical functions, from designing and supervising infrastructure projects to creating renewable energy systems and fostering innovation through automation and robotics. Mechanical engineers are at the forefront of addressing the nation’s pressing needs, bolstering economic growth, and providing employment opportunities to the population.

Despite the vital role they play, mechanical engineers in Nigeria encounter a host of challenges, including political interference, limited access to modern technology, and inadequate job prospects. However, Engr. Iliasu proposed a series of strategies to address these challenges, emphasizing investments in research and development, infrastructure modernization, and professional development.

Furthermore, he underscored the importance of embracing new technological trends, such as additive manufacturing, interconnected machines, the Internet of Things, and Industry 4.0, to remain globally competitive and drive innovation in Nigeria.

In conclusion, Engr. Iliasu urged newly inducted graduate mechanical engineers to build their careers in Nigeria, emphasizing that they can become leaders in their field and contribute to the country’s development. He stressed the significance of personal commitment, research, and interdisciplinary collaboration in driving innovation and improving the standard of living for all Nigerians.

The address by Engr. Iliasu serves as a rallying call for mechanical engineers to continue playing a pivotal role in building a brighter future for Nigeria. Their dedication, innovation, and problem-solving skills are poised to be the driving force behind the nation’s economic growth and an improved quality of life for all its citizens. Congratulations were extended to the newly inaugurated Chairman and the Executive Committee members of the NIMechE Ilorin Chapter, with a wish for continued success in their roles. Engr. Suleiman Rotimi Iliasu’s address marks a pivotal moment in recognizing the indispensable contribution of mechanical engineers to Nigeria’s future.

Earlier, in her address, Engr. (Dr) Funmilade Akingbagbohun, FNSE, FNIMechE, National Chairman of NIMechE, emphasized the critical significance of the manufacturing sector in Nigeria’s economy. She stressed the urgent need to bolster this sector to combat poverty and unemployment while addressing the broader socio-economic impacts of ongoing economic reforms.

Engr. Akingbagbohun expressed gratitude to the numerous committees and their chairpersons who tirelessly worked for the success of the event. She also acknowledged the support of the National Executive Council, staff, administration, sponsors, and all participants who contributed to the conference’s knowledge exchange and networking goals. The Chairman encouraged fostering an environment that nurtures young engineers and emphasized the importance of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to advancing the field of mechanical engineering.

In a solemn and symbolic ceremony, Engr. Dr. Suleiman Abimbola Yahaya assumed the role of Chairman for the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Ilorin Chapter. Addressing a distinguished gathering of fellow engineers, Engr. Dr. Yahaya expressed his profound gratitude and sense of responsibility for this pivotal role. He acknowledged the trust and confidence placed in him and his dedicated team and pledged to contribute tirelessly to the betterment of both the institution and the profession of mechanical engineering.

As the Ilorin Chapter embarks on this new era, Engr. Dr. Yahaya emphasized the rich history and legacy of excellence the institution carries. He stressed the importance of inclusivity, unity, and fostering an environment for young engineers to thrive. The new Chairman is committed to mentoring and providing opportunities for the younger members, ensuring a bright future for mechanical engineering in Nigeria.

The ceremony was also marked by the induction of University of Ilorin Mechanical Engineering graduates, signifying the chapter’s dedication to nurturing new talent. Engr. Dr. Suleiman Abimbola Yahaya, the 4th Chairman of the Ilorin Chapter, expressed his excitement to work with the entire team to make the chapter a beacon of excellence, fostering innovation, and continuing the legacy of success in mechanical engineering.

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