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Governor Abdulrazaq receives commendations on KwaraLEARN initiative

by Tayo Ayanda

The effort of Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq led administration to transform the education sector in Kwara State including the introduction of KwaraLEARN, a transformational initiative to boost learning and teaching, using cutting-edge technology has received commendations from various stakeholders.

Stakeholders in education sector and government functionaries had made the commendations at the KwaraLEARN’s Annual Performance Review Meeting held in Ilorin, yesterday.

The performance review was aimed to provide a comprehensive assessment and evaluation of the KwaraLEARN programmme’s progress, achievements and impact.

Addressing newsmen, the Executive Chairman of SUBEB, Prof. Shehu Adaramaja noted that KwaraLEARN was launched in April 22 and the programmme has made a remarkable achievement in improving basic education in Kwara State. 

He affirmed that the programmme has a coverage of 872 schools across 10 local government in the state. The programmme so far has trained 6,500 teachers and has enrolled over 115,000 pupils from primary one to primary six, which he said that the number highlighted the extensive impact of KwaraLEARN in enhancing basic education in the state. 

According to him, “KwaraLEARN supervisors have devoted over 25,000 hours to provide valuable support to schools, teachers, head of schools, school administrators including our education secretaries in delivering quality instructional learning and teaching.

“Additionally, the system has distributed 1,184,915 text books and other learning materials to ensure that every pupils have access to essential learning resources.

“The system has also equipped 7,000 teachers, and head teachers with digital devices and empowering them with necessary tools to enhance their teaching services”, he said. 

Adaramaja said further that the programmme has contributed to the significant increase in pupils enrollment with a minimum raise of 13% in number of students enrolled in the state for the last a academic section.

Also, the Chief Press Secretary to the Governor of Kwara State, Rafiu Ajakaye thanked the Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq for coming up with the most important initiative, stressing that the most important legacy you can give to a state or a country is to ensure that you have a solid education, particularly at the foundational level.

“This is exactly what his excellency has done by introducing technology to educational sector. The most important layer of education that is the primary education. 

“We look forward about the brighter future of our children. We look forward whereby our children will be able to compete with their peers anywhere in the world because this is digital in nature” he added. 

He, then, thanked the KwaraLEARN team, the SUBEB and everybody who have contributed to the success of the programmme for the wonderful job they have been doing, even as he assured government continuous support to the programmme.

Speaking, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun said that it is not a gainsaying that KwaraLEARN is a laudable achievement of the Kwara State Government. She thanked His Excellency for giving much to the ministry of education 

“KwaraLEARN is a very big initiative and at our end at the Ministry of Education we so much enjoyed the programmme. Lateness has reduced drastically, it has improved the life of our pupils. KwaraLEARN has been impactful and to the glory of God our pupils can compete with their peers globally”.

Her counterpart in the Ministry of Communications, Mrs. Christiana Asonibare testified that today people are celebrating a significant milestone in the journey of education reform in Kwara State. 

She added that the programme has reformed our education sector and provided quality education that met global standard for Kwara child.

The Managing Director of KwaraLEARN, Isaiah Owolabi appreciated everyone’s contributions for creating an enabling environment to let the children of Kwara State have access to world class education. 

“The bottom line of the programmme is to leave no one behind and the single goal of KwaraLEARN is to make sure that all children in Kwara State are not left behind no matter your social economy status or wherever you leave in kwara state we want you to have access to quality education” he added.

He said further that they are committed to expand to the remaining local government in the state to make sure that all children in Kwara State no matter were the live or who gave birth to them they have access to the best education in the world.

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