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Herald @ 50: The Successes, Failures and Future

by Editor

By Abdulrasheed Akogun

As we celebrate the 50th anniversary of our darling Herald Newspaper, it is imperative to reflect on the newspaper’s past achievements, and more importantly, the role it can play in shaping the future of journalism in Nigeria. The Herald Newspaper has been a trailblazer in the media industry for the past five decades, setting the pace for others to follow. It has produced some of Nigeria’s finest journalists, who were trained and nurtured under the newspaper’s wings.

The Herald Newspaper has been a critical voice in shaping public opinion and providing credible information to the Nigerian people. It has played a crucial role in providing accurate news coverage and insightful analysis of events across Nigeria and beyond. Over the years, the newspaper has earned the trust of its readers, and this has been reflected in the loyalty of its readership base. I wouldn’t want to dwell much on the history of the Newspaper that cemented Kwara’s place as one of the maternity of Nigeria’s Journalism, Mr. Jimoh Bashir, Head Sport Desk, Herald and several others have rendered scintillating accounts on the Newspaper in the last couple of days.

However, the media landscape has changed dramatically since the Herald Newspaper first came into existence. The advent of the internet, social media, and other new technologies have disrupted the traditional journalism model, and newspapers are struggling to keep up. The Herald Newspaper is not exempted from these challenges, and it is crucial that the media house adapts to these changes to restore its lost glory.

One of the most significant challenges facing newspapers today is the decline in print circulation. Thus, the Herald Newspaper must focus on building a robust digital presence to ensure that it remains relevant in today’s digital age. This means investing in a user-friendly website that provides the latest news and analysis, as well as leveraging on social media platforms to reach a wider audience. The newspaper can also explore other digital platforms, such as podcasting, video, and live streaming, to engage with its readers and provide exclusive content.

To restore the lost glory of the newspaper, it is critical that the Herald Newspaper focuses on producing high-quality, in-depth journalism. In an era where fake news and clickbait dominate, authentic and credible journalism is more important than ever. The newspaper must prioritize investigative journalism and in-depth reporting that goes beyond the headlines. Exclusive content often drives readership and increases brand loyalty.

In addition, the Herald Newspaper must prioritize developing its pool of talent. The newspaper has a tradition of training and nurturing journalists, and this must continue. The training should be geared towards producing journalists who are well-rounded, digital-savvy, and able to adapt to changes in the media landscape. Furthermore, the newspaper must work on creating an enabling environment that supports the growth and development of its staff. This includes providing opportunities for career advancement, creating a conducive work environment, and offering competitive remuneration packages.

The Herald Newspaper must also focus on building a strong brand identity. A strong brand identity can be achieved through consistent messaging across various media channels, including social media platforms. Like any other brand, the Herald Newspaper must ensure that it portrays a clear and distinct image that resonates with its target audience.

Finally, the Herald Newspaper can leverage its archives to remain relevant and engaged with its readers. This can be done through ‘Throwback’ (in-depth coverage from the past), which brings renewed focus on stories from the archives that are still relevant today. ‘Throwback’ content can be a powerful tool for showing how history repeats itself and provide insight into where we can go from here.

In conclusion, the Herald Newspaper has been a critical player in Nigeria’s media landscape, and its contributions cannot be overstated. As we celebrate its 50th anniversary, it is essential to reflect on its past achievements, but more critically, to focus on its future. The Herald Newspaper must adapt to the changing media landscape by leveraging on new media and exclusive contents to restore its lost glory. Ultimately, the newspaper must remain committed to producing high-quality journalism that its readers can trust and rely on to provide credible information.

Abdulrasheed Akogun is a Journalist, Media Consultant and Public Perception Researcher, he can be reached via shoboiakogun@gmail.com

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