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Isanlu-Isin Community rallies for transformation of local college into science school

by Editor

By Omotayo Ayanda

In a demonstration of unwavering commitment to advancing education and nurturing bright futures, the Isanlu-Isin community in Kwara State has commissioned a new block of classrooms and modern toilet facilities at the Isanlu Isin Comprehensive College (IICC).

This event brought together distinguished indigenes from home and abroad, the Honourable Commissioner of the Ministry of Education and Human Resources, Hajia Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu, the Isanlu Isin Traditional Council of Chiefs, as well as Principals and Staff of IICC, among others.

In his address, the National President of the Isanlu-Isin Development Association (IIDA), Kayode Babalola, warmly welcomed attendees on behalf of Oba (Dr) Solomon Oloyede and the entire community of Isanlu-Isin.

The presence of top government officials from the Ministry of Education and the State Teaching Service Commission signaled the government’s commitment to improving educational institutions within the community.

The Isanlu-Isin Comprehensive College, established in 1981 in response to a genuine need in the community, has a rich history spanning 32 years.

Throughout its existence, the college has witnessed countless students graduate and achieve success in various fields, both within Nigeria and abroad. The community’s contributions to the college’s development have been significant, with initiatives such as the construction of classroom blocks, the provision of security personnel for both day and night protection, and even the generous donation of a mathematical laboratory.

Notably, Chevron, a renowned Nigerian oil company, contributed to the college’s development by donating a cutting-edge science laboratory equipped for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. This invaluable addition was officially commissioned in March 2017.

The event also shed light on the college’s adaptation to modern educational needs, particularly the introduction of an E-learning scheme. Over the years, the college employed conventional teaching methods, but recognizing the evolving world, it is now embracing Electronic Learning (E-learning) to remain effective and relevant in education.

This initiative, supported by members of the diaspora, aims to provide a platform for electronic learning, facilitating parent and guardian access to academic performance monitoring, enhancing students’ skills to meet national and global standards, and simplifying research and external examination preparation.

Babalola expressed the community’s gratitude for the Kwara State Government’s continuous support during the college’s 32-year journey. This included regular staff salary payments, the renovation of dilapidated buildings, the provision of institutional materials, and consistent supervision by the Ministry of Education to ensure that the college adheres to the government’s educational policies.

The Isanlu-Isin Comprehensive College boasts state-of-the-art science and mathematical laboratories that rival facilities in some universities, making it a point of pride for the community. These laboratories are well-equipped, feature individual workstations for students, and enjoy modern amenities, including a borehole water supply, electricity, and ceiling fans for comfort.

Most striking is the mathematical laboratory, a unique asset in Kwara State, equipped with modern apparatus that simplifies the teaching and learning of mathematics, even for students who may struggle with the subject.

One of the proposals highlighted during the event was the community’s earnest appeal to the state government to convert the Isanlu-Isin Comprehensive College into a science school. This call was reinforced by the exceptional laboratories and equipment within the college.

The proposal aims to avoid the underutilization of these advanced facilities, attract students from across the state and neighboring regions, and ensure that science teachers are available in all fields of science. The favorable response from a 2021 inspection by Ministry of Education officials has heightened anticipation for the college’s transformation.

The community raised specific concerns that urgently require attention, including the shortage of teaching staff, especially in crucial subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Technical Education, as well as the need for additional non-teaching staff. Dilapidated buildings and roofs damaged by rainstorms also require renovation, and enhanced security measures, such as the appointment of two security guards for night duty, are needed to protect the college.

In her speech, the Honourable Commissioner of the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, Hajia Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu, commended the Isanlu-Isin community’s dedication to fostering a brighter future through education.

She underscored the importance of providing toilet facilities in schools, especially for girl students, and noted that the state government, in partnership with the World Bank, is implementing the Adolescent Girl Initiative for Learning and Empowerment (AGILE) programme, aimed at improving girl-child education.

“Happiness filled me, that this community like before has once again demonstrated commitment to building a glorious future for itself by supporting the government of His Excellency, Mallam AbdulRaham AbdulRazak, the Executive Government of Kwara state.

“Isanlu – Isin community has really demonstrated a great understanding of the popular saying that Government cannot do it all. Indeed, this donation will no doubt increases school enrolment. This will therefore give brighter future to the indigent students. It has been observed that absence of toilet facility has robbed some chiidren, especially girl child, the needed access to education.

Hence, His Excellency has directed that all construction and renovation projects in all schools must be with provision of toilets and potable water. It is largely on this premise that His Excellency Mallam AbdulRaman AbdulRazak has with some other states entared into an understanding with the World Bank to put in place, a programme caied Adolescent girl initiative for learning and empowerment (AGILE) which will change the normative for girl-child education in the state.

“On this note, I am assuring everyone present here that education in the state is going to the next level. And by God’s grace, we shall achieve this soonest. Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, I am indeed full of gratitude for your taking the time and effort to be here today at the commissioning of this laudable project”, she said.

The event’s attendees were left with a sense of optimism for the future of education in Kwara State, emphasizing the collective efforts to nurture quality education and address pressing challenges.

As the event concluded, the words of gratitude and hopes for a brighter educational future echoed throughout the Isanlu-Isin community.

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