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Lack of Godly Leaders is the problem of Insecurities, economic challenges in Nigeria -Shaikh Jumu’a

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A Popular Islamic Scholar, Shaikh Dr. Kolawole Jumu’a has said that, the problem Nigeria is facing is lack of Godly leaders.

According to him, the lack of Godly leaders leads to issues of Insecurities, economic challenges Nigeria is currently facing.

Shaikh Jumu’a disclosed this in an interview with Journalists immediately after his Ramadan Tasfir lecture, organized by Islamic Welfare Foundation, Kwara State Chapter,held at Owoniboys situated at Ibrahim Taiwo Road, Ilorin.

The Islamic Scholar Hammered on the lack of Godly leaders in the country, attributing the current insecurities to the leadership Problem Nigeria is facing.

He pointed out that the political leaders in the country do not seem to be conscious of Allah, their creator, or the day of Judgement.

He said further that, the hereafter is designed by Almighty Allah as a check and balance for individuals in their lives, social interactions, political decisions, and economic activities.

“Only those who believe in the accountability of the afterlife will be motivated to maintain a moral and righteous leadership. They will fear Allah in their activities among others.

“The lack of belief in the hereafter by the current political leaders was cited as a major reason for their actions and decision-making.

“Their disbelief in the day of accountability leads them to prioritize their interests over the well-being of the country.”

The Shaikh emphasized that a good leader must have a belief in Allah, the day of Judgement, and the concept of accountability to effectively lead a nation.

He warned that as long as the country continues to be led by individuals who lack these beliefs, the problems, and insecurities facing Nigeria will persist.

The Islamic Scholar, while hammering on Insecurity in Nigeria pilot, he explained
with a powerful analogy, stating that” if the head of a country is sick, the entire nation will suffer. The only issue we are facing in Nigeria is insecurity issues and the blame will be put on the leaders because they are not doing what expected of them to do. Despite all the different of security outfits, We are still facing insecurity challenges such as kidnapping, Robbery among others.

“So, If the head suffers from mental derailment, all part of the body will be paralyzed. The only solution to these issues is to ensure that the leaders of Nigeria are true and Godly individuals who prioritize the welfare of the people above all else.”

Meanwhile, he urged the Muslims to continue praying for the betterment of the nation, noting Allah will surely answer Nigerians prayers one day.

The shaikh also prays for guidance of Allah for the leaders and take control of their heart for them to govern the people according to Allah’s direction.

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