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Naira Redesign Policy/ Fuel Scarcity – Cleric Appeals for Calm, Keep Faith in God

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The National Amir  and Spiritual Leader of Daaru-r-Rahmat  (DARMAT) Islamic Society of Nigeria, Imaam Muali Musbahudeen Olawale has appealed to Nigerians to continue  to remain calm and keep faith in God view of the current situation in the country.

Speaking with journalists in Ilorin over the weekend on the sideline of protests greeted some parts of the country over shortage of new naira notes and fuel scarcity, Imaam Olawale said that, “though the situation was worrisome and sympathetic but this is our country and we should avoid anythiny that may lead to the breaking of law and order”.

He said that, “it is disheartening to note that, the current situation came at the time the country is still facing economic challenges and this present situation has compounded the sufferings of the masses.

“The ugly development has caused a lot of harvoc on the life of the wellbeing of the people to the extent that, meeting ends meet at this period is really unbearable.

“Many household and families have been put into serious sufferings despite the fact that they could not pay the children schools fees  talk less of meeting the families obligations”.

Olawale added, “The current situation in our dear country has created lots of confusion, hitch, havoc, destruction of life and properties with unrest here and there.

“No doubt, everyone is under pressure and frustration just because everything is muddled.

“As a patriot and responsible citizen, let us keep our faith firm and always be patient while addressing an issue in the society.

 “Avoid been provoked by any one because this could lead to high blood pressure and sudden attacks. 

“We should love one another and praying for our leaders to get it right”.

He noted that, “The instruments of our encyclopedia (Qur’an) takes good care of everything in all our affairs as best mankind on the earth that says, And very soon will your Lord give you so that you shall be well pleased (Q93:5).

“Let us believe that Allah (SWT) will surely avert all our challenges as a nation very soon.

 “I’m very sure we all aware of earthquake in Turkey that claimed life of thousands people and other problem in Syria”. 

Olawale therefore prayed that, “May Allah (SWT) deliver all of us from these unbearable challenges”. saying that, “With difficult is surely easy. (Q93:6) while May Allah (SWT) grant us long life to witness the joy, pleasure  after suffering”.

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