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Ilorin East/South 2023: SDP shines in major oppositions’ ward… Receive scores of defectors from APC, PDP, NNPP, as Monarchs pray, canvass votes for Olododo

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The Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate for Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency, Hon. (Dr) Abdulganiyu Saka Cook-Olododo’s re-election bid has garnered more endorsement from traditional and community leaders, and residents alike, from his major oppositions’ wards and others across Ilorin East and South local governments.

Olododo’s reelection campaign gained major boost, with the Alangua of Okaka – Alh. Suleiman Baba, homestead of Olododo’s APC contender raining praises on the lawmaker for his sterling performance at the House of Representatives, while also urging the people to vote massively next Saturday, for him to return to the National Assembly.

In his words, the traditional ruler said “You are a benefactor and we benefit from you. You take care of a lot of our people. God has really helped you and I pray he support you to be re-elected. You did unexpected good gestures. You are the reason our community is no longer dark in the night.

“My people, Olododo didn’t ask for a penny from you in return for the good he has done us. All he seeks is your vote, I urge you all in the name of Allah, not to betray him because he didn’t betray you all. The same way he did good to us when we are not there with him, let us also do well for him with our PVC, when he won’t be with but God is there”, he added.

The lawmaker during his visits to the courts of Balogun Gambari and Balogun Fulani of Ilorin, Balogun Afin, Serikin Hausawa, Alanguas of Zango, Kulende, Sobi and Oke Ogun, including Magajis of Alalubosa, Tegbesun and Gaa Osini was also greeted with rain of prayers for the success of Olododo and SDP, with encomiums and commendations for the impacts he has made since his election into the National Assembly.

Balogun Fulani, Alhaji Abubakar Sidiq Atiku Fulani in his statement said “I can vouch for Olododo. His sterling performance isn’t surprising to me and I urge other candidates to emulate him. I pray for his success, because I am confident he will do better.”

Balogun Afin of Ilorin, Alh. Mohammed Yusuf for his own part said “Olododo is a sincere politician who upheld the promise he made to the electorates. Your impact is visible around us and we are grateful for all you do. We pray God make your inroad to reelection easy.”

Forum of Alangua and Magajis, including Hausa community in Balogun Fulani 1 also prayed fervently and endorse Olododo’s second term bid and the SDP.

Oladodo’s campaign train which shutdown Balogun Fulani, the homestead of his PDP contender, witnessed reassuring cheers from hundreds of party faithfuls and admirers of Olododo assuring him of their vote in appreciation of his outstanding performance.

In Gambari ward 2, Zango ward, Akanbi 5 among others, Olododo’s campaign train received scores of defectors from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) into SDP.

The defectors were led by Comr. Ridwan Alangua Yaradua, a former APC member in Zango ward and a former candidate for KWHA under restoration party, who hinged his dumping of the ruling party on failed promises of APC and Hon. Olododo’s impactful representation.

In his remarks at various campaign rallies, which witnessed huge turnout, Olododo said “On Saturday, I urge you all to come out enmass and very early to cast your vote for our party, SDP, which today remains the only credible alternative in Kwara state.

“We’ve no accord with any political party, vote SDP across board on February 25th. Don’t allow those whose party left us in the hardship the country is currently experiencing into power, we have strong-will and we have demonstrated that. Don’t vote people who has nothing to show for their public service.”

The lawmaker who presented his 279pages achievements compilation, titled ‘So far, So Good’ to community stakeholders assured that more dividend of democracy would be enjoy by the people of the Federal Constituency if he is re-elected into office.

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