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Nigerian Workers Group Applauds Nigerians for Sacrifices, Calls for Appreciation and Transparency

by Editor

The Nigerian Workers Group (NWG), a representative body of dedicated and hardworking Nigerian citizen, has expressed its appreciation for the unwavering resilience and sacrifices demonstrated by the Nigerian people during these challenging times.

The group, in light of recent statements made by the President calling for further sacrifices, believes it is essential to acknowledge the enduring spirit of Nigerians and highlight the need for reciprocal appreciation and transparent communication from the government.
According to the statement issued by the President of the group, Dr David Kayode Ehindero, “Nigerians are renowned for their enduring spirit and willingness to sacrifice for the greater good. Despite facing numerous hardships in recent years, particularly during the last administration, the people of Nigeria have displayed remarkable resilience and understanding.

“We firmly believe that if similar circumstances had befallen any other nation, the consequences could have been far more severe”, the statement said.

NWG asserted that the Nigerian President should take cognizance of the sacrifices made by Nigerians and express genuine appreciation for their unwavering commitment to the nation’s progress.

“It is imperative that the government acknowledges the challenges faced by its citizens and recognizes their efforts in overcoming adversity.

“The current outcry and hardships experienced by Nigerians, largely stemming from unfriendly policies implemented by the present administration, are a result of insufficient information and inadequate prior notification regarding the implications of subsidy removal”, the statement added.

NWG emphasized the importance of strategic policy formulation, proper communication, and a balanced distribution of sacrifices between the leaders and the led.

Furthermore, trust must be fostered between the government and its citizens through transparent decision-making processes.

NWG urged government officials to clearly outline their own contributions and sacrifices in order to foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility. “It is crucial that the burden of sacrifice is not solely shouldered by the citizens, but rather distributed equitably among all stakeholders. By doing so, the government can demonstrate its commitment to the welfare and prosperity of the Nigerian people”.

NWG, however, commended Nigerians for their enduring spirit, sacrifices, and understanding in the face of various challenges.

“We call upon the President and the government to express genuine appreciation for the sacrifices made by the citizens and to adopt a more transparent and inclusive approach to policy-making. By working collaboratively and fostering trust, we can build a stronger, more prosperous Nigeria for all”, the statement said.

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