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Presidential poll: Lukman Saadu enjoins Nigerians to elect Tinubu

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An Abuja based politician and member of All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential Campaign Council, Alhaji Lukman Saadu has enjoined Nigerians to vote the party’s presidential candidate, Ahmed Bola Tinubu in the forthcoming general election, to ensure overall development of the country and wellbeing of the people.

During a press interview with newsmen in Ilorin, weekend, Saadu who hails from ‘Agbeyangi’ in Ilorin East Local Government Area, said a victory for Tinubu, is a victory for all Nigerians, assuring the people that if elected, the country will turn to a more convenient place to live and shall become the pride of the entire citizens.

He said Tinubu as a reknown progressive politician that is overwhelmingly blessed with leadership experience and knowledge, has the capacity to drive Nigeria to a greater destination of unprecedented development in all sectors of the nation’s economy.

“At the moment we require a president that can fast consolidate and impressively improve on the achievements of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, and that person is the presidential candidate of APC, Bola Tinubu because he has all its takes to govern and transform the country sufficiently.

“We should ensure the revival and prosperity of our dear nation by electing a credible leader like Tinubu who had since expressed commitment and readiness to provide quality governance for the country.

“Perhaps his antecedents and records of achievements overtime speaks loud of his capacity and intelligence to lead well for the benefit of all Nigerians.

“Evidently, as governor of Lagos State, we are all living witness to his developmental strides which now classified Lagos as the best five leading economy in Africa, while his infrastructure and transformation drive was second to none,” Saadu said.

While imploring the electorate to make a good choice in Tinubu and ensure his victory, Saadu who is also a businessman and investment manager said Ahmed Tinubu is the best presidential candidate among other participants in the February presidential election.

He declared, “interms of experience, capacity, readiness, potential, charisma and assemblage of best brains for quality and impactful governance, Tinubu is the most preferred presidential candidate. He will surely revive the already diminishing glory of the nation.”

Saadu, a motivational public affairs analyst, further assured Nigerians that Tinubu is capable of addressing the various challenges hindering the nation’s progress, if elected president.

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