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Ramadan: Empower indigent muslims, rather than bankrolling hajj travels, says Cleric

by Editor

By Fatima Mohammed-Lawal

Alhaji Abdulkadir Salaudeen, the Chief Missioner of Igbomina-Ekiti Muslim Forum on Sunday admonished wealthy muslims to empower indigent ones among them rather than bankrolling their travels for hajj.

Hajj in Islam is the pilgrimage to the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, which every adult Muslim must make at least once in his or her lifetime.

It is the fifth of the fundamental Muslim practices and institutions known as the Five Pillars of Islam.

Saladeen stated this while delivering his paper at the Annual Ramadan Lecture of the Igbomina-Ekiti Muslims Forum organized in Ilorin.

He observed that some wealth muslims have glamourised going for Hajj pilgrimage every year, at the detriment of empowering indigents Muslims as dictated by Allah.

The cleric submitted that such funds used by wealthy muslims to sponsor indigents to Hajj could be used to empower them in their various trades and endevours so that they can equally be self sufficient and embark on Hajj too.

According to him, there are rich people around us, who will never support indigent to get empowered but they will be willing to bankroll the Hajj of some poor people who can hardly feed themselves

“Those that bankroll Hajj travels of indigent muslims don’t even support them with what to feed thier families if they leave for pilgrimage.

“It is better to empower indigent Muslims, so as to be economically buoyant rather than sending for Hajj and they remain needy and indigent.

“When you uplift them, they will in-turn be in position to help themselves and also others,” he said.

Similarly the cleric cautioned against alms-begging, saying that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) has strongly warns against professional alms-begging for sustenance.

Quoting the Holy Prophet of Islam, Salaudeen said that it is better for a Muslim to scavenge for firewood and sell for sustenance, rather than engage in alms-begging.

He lamented that some muslims have become professionals in alms-begging which contradicts the dictates of Islam.

The Chief Missioner however pointed out that under Islamic constitution, the State is responsible for the welfare of the indigent, while also adding that rich Muslims must contribute the Zakat, to cater for the indigent.

He enjoined Muslims to promote what is good and forbid what is evil as enshrined by Almighty Allah.

Speaking also, Alhaji Nasrudeen Ibrahim, the President of the Forum, expressed satisfaction with the 2024 Ramadan Lecture of the association.

He observed that though there were constraints, the Muslim Forum has been a rallying point for unity of the Ummah.

Ibrahim enjoined Muslims to remember the lesson and spirit of Ramadan as the Eid-El-Fitr celebration approaches.

He advised Muslims to be pious even when Ramadan ends.

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