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The ‘Amir’ is coming

by Editor

By Alhaji Abdulfatai Dare Magobon

It was like a Tsunami in 2019. All elective positions slipped away from his party. Himself came down from No 3 position as a consequence.

Though greatly painful, he sportsmanly accepted the defeat. Neither petitions nor court injunctions were made or obtained even when evidence of infractions in the elections abound.

The peace of the state was upper most in his heart. From the state, he stayed away for months, so the new helmsman could face governance.

How else can statesmanship be displayed?
As a show of understanding of his body language, his party played the role of opposition with calm.

When Government mishandled issues, when maladministration is observed, when inexperience is apparent, and even when shouts of ‘authority stealing’ is heard from people, his opposition party is mild in its criticism, to avoid heating up the polity.

How more considerate can a leader be?
By hook and crook, by trial and error, through the assemblage of kids as council, the locust trudged-on for 3 years now.

During same period, the Otoge ‘As-hab-l-khaf’ began to witness the investation of the ‘Abaabila’ birds from God-knows-where. And the effect? Their rank and file became disparaged. Some became ‘AA’, others bear ‘Integrity’. A different one is styled ‘loyal’ with another being ‘Aanigba’.

But to the glory of God, the ‘Kaabah’ (the state) is still standing erect, with its true custodians standing firm, under the commandership of the ‘Amir’, who is poised to rescue the ‘Balad-l- Amin’.

Patience has its rewards. A different tune began to play on the people’s lips. Back then, it was Otoge Bukky. Now it is Otunya Bukky. Like the proverbial bride who has experienced two homes in matrimony, the populace now know the better. Come quick, the great Amir, the populace now seem to say.

The electorates who jettisoned him. Individuals and groups who propaganda him in the negative, comprising the artisans, the Okada men, the Keke boys, the marketers, the teachers, the mainstream civil servants, the elites, the youth, male & female, the Amir has come back to embrace all and fraternise with them.

How else can a heart of gold be proven?
To the people’s call the Amir is yielding. He’s coming with his midas touch, preparing his team for a renewed purposeful governance.

Preparatory to the enthronement of a more impactful and significantly INCLUSIVE Government, he told the 238 aspirants for various positions:

“A state assembly with 24 members for example
must have women and youths representatives.
Into our folds we must embrace new faces.
Experience hands we would entertain. I say NO
to ‘Jamba’ zoning if we must zone positions.”

Since the patient dog eats the fattest bone, the Amir will not only clinch the highest position in the land but also top it with a smooth reclaim of the state.

Welcome, the well meaning people’s Amir

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