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Ige encourages professionalism in borehole drilling, explains why boreholes fail

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The Coordinator, Hydrogeology Teaching and Research Group, Department of Geology and Mineral Sciences, University of Ilorin, Dr. Olusegun Omoniyi Ige, has lamented the manner in which human beings, especially Nigerians, handle water, calling for caution. 

Dr. Ige, who gave the advice last Tuesday (April 5, 2022) while speaking with newsmen, disclosed that there are two major types of water bodies, the surface and groundwater.

He said that water is the first thing to secure when having contact with land and must be properly secured. 

According to the don, “The surface water is seasonal, prone to pollution and not good for consumption while the groundwater is concealed under the ground, purer than the surface water but requires the expertise of geologists to search for”.

Dr. Ige said that groundwater is available everywhere though at different depth, quantity and quality but several factors including manners and knowledge of exploration could make it unavailable.

He said, “It is unfortunate that human beings think they take the issue of water important but not. It is the first thing to be secured before the purchase of land for construction of factories, hostels, private residences, etc. even the lawyer, real estate manager, etc, would triple their gains if they secure groundwater zones within the land/estate they want to sell/buy. Worse of this ignorance to the importance of water is the ‘penny wise, pound foolish’ syndrome”.

He said that on March 22, 2022, the whole world celebrated the World Water Day (WWD), a day dedicated to the celebration of water, adding that such celebration signals the importance of water to every entity (living or dead) on earth.

According to the renowned Geologist, “Water is next to blood in the three major anchors of man’s existence; that is blood, water and air. Water is needed at birth and death of man, and was the only thing existing on earth before God started creation”.

Dr. Ige said, “I have seen people (including elite) running away from spending less than N50,000 to locate a point to be drilled for a borehole but rather raising fences and other structures with millions of Naira, eventually the fence will be pulled down when the need for water comes knocking. Then the fence will be pulled down, the borehole will be drilled and the fence will be restored. Who is losing?”

The don pointed out that another strange punishment is that many choose to buy water tankers, adding that “a tanker load of water is N15, 000 now, which can only last one week. In one month, about N60, 000 which amounts to N720, 000 in a year. With N720, 000 today, you will drill a borehole that will serve your purpose as long as you live.

“Some of these factors are effect of season, geological setting (rock type in the area), political will (Government), client’s wrong expectations, inaccessibility to site, quackery-who handle your work? Compromise for quality by client and inability to ask questions by client”, he said

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