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Kidnap: Isanlu Isin community strengthens security architecture

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In response to recent security breaches in Isanlu Isin, where four citizens were kidnapped and later released, the local traditional council, Isanlu Isin Development Association, and key stakeholders have implemented urgent security measures. 

These measures aim to prevent the recurrence of such incidents and ensure the safety of residents and visitors in the community.

According to a statement signed by the National Publicity of Isanlu-Isin Development Association (IIDA), Jacob Ayanda Esq, to address the issue of cohesion and dissension among security personnel, the local hunters and vigilantes have been required to renew their pledges and oath of allegiance. 

He stressed that this action seeks to identify and address any potential bad actors or individuals compromising the security efforts.

“Additionally, all branches of security outfits within the town will now be coordinated by the community’s Oluode, ensuring a unified and cohesive approach towards security matters.

“In a bid to bolster surveillance and patrol, a new security vehicle has been purchased and will soon be deployed to monitor all roads leading to Isanlu Isin”. 

Ayanda stated further that the Kwara State Commissioner of Police has directed 24-hour patrols and surveillance of the Isanlu Isin/Ijara Isin road by the Nigeria Police.

He informed that stricter identification protocols have been put in place for non-indigenes, who will now be required to wear specially designed identity cards. “Proper grouping and registration of all recognized groups residing in the town will be enforced, ensuring that any strangers not properly identified are escorted out of the community.

“Moreover, unauthorized occupants of lands surrounding Isanlu Isin will no longer be tolerated, as efforts are being made to secure the area and discourage illegal settlements”.

The Isanlu Isin Development Association (IIDA), however, assured both indigenes and non-indigenes that these security measures are ongoing and will be reviewed periodically. The community’s commitment to safety and security remains steadfast, ensuring a conducive environment for genuine businesses and safe movement for all”.

Oba (Dr) Solomon Oloyede, the Olusin of Isanlu Isin and Chairman of the Isin Traditional Council, reaffirmed that additional security measures are being planned and implemented. He urged everyone not to be discouraged from visiting or conducting legitimate business in Isanlu Isin.

The community of Isanlu Isin is resolute in its determination to prevent further security breaches and is committed to maintaining the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors.

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