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Kwara CP seeks collaboration with Immigration on cross-border crime

by Editor

In a bid to enhance security measures and curb cross-border crime, the newly deployed Commissioner of Police in Kwara State, Adelesi E. Oluwarotimi on Friday paid a courtesy visit to the State Comptroller of Immigration, Mr Aminu Shamsuddin.

During the visit, both officials expressed their commitment to fostering collaboration and implementing strategies to tackle criminal activities that transcend state borders. 

They reaffirmed their commitment to working together to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents, as well as to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria.

The visit which provided an opportunity for the top law enforcement officers to exchange ideas, share insights, and explore potential strategies to tackle the menace of cross-border crime in the state, also served as a platform to discuss pertinent security issues, including human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal migration, among others. 

CP Adelesi acknowledged the critical role played by the NIS in maintaining national security and emphasized the need for seamless cooperation between the Nigeria Police Force and the Immigration Service to address the emerging security challenges in Kwara State.

Expressing her commitment to working hand-in-hand with the NIS, CP stated that, “I have come to pay you a courtesy visit to familiarize myself with you since we have common goal. We have similar duties of preventing cross-boarder crime within our state and our territory. 

“Since we all knew that Kwara State shared boundary with Republic of Benin which is also having routes to other neighbouring countries. We need to work in harmony to ensure that we prevent unwanted visitors coming into our territory to perpetrate havoc and to make lives unbearable for us.

“Security issues are not to be toyed with, if we overlook it is going to overwhelm us and cause more harm to us. We need to work in collaboration with communities to protect the country from external aggressors”, she said.

Responding, Comptroller Shamsuddin appreciated the CP’s visit and expressed gratitude for the recognition of the NIS’s efforts in securing Nigeria’s borders. He highlighted the various measures implemented by the Imigration Service to enhance border control and prevent criminal elements from entering the country.

He said, “The Nigeria Immigration Service is fully committed to its mandate of protecting the nation’s borders. We have been actively working to strengthen our operations and deploy advanced technologies to detect and apprehend criminals. 

“Our collaboration with the Nigeria Police Force will undoubtedly reinforce our efforts in combatting cross-border crime and promoting public safety in Kwara State. 

“Our agency is fully committed to working closely with the police and other security agencies to safeguard our borders, prevent the entry of illegal immigrants, and combat cross-border crimes that threaten the peace and development of our state”, he added.

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