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Prof. Wale Sulaiman acknowledges supporters, focuses on future goals

by Editor

In a heartfelt message to his political supporters, a renowned neurosurgeon and healthcare leader, Prof. Wale Sulaiman on Thursday expressed his gratitude and outlined his vision for the future of Kwara South.

Prof. Sulaiman thanked his dedicated followers, emphasizing their support and belief in his vision for the region.

In a press statement signed by Prof. Sulaiman and made available to Daily Links, he acknowledged the unwavering support of various stakeholders, including key Social Democratic Party (SDP) party faithfuls, community leaders, traditional institutions, SDP candidates in Kwara South senatorial district, SDP political leaders, and party members.

He also extended his gratitude to the 25,000 individuals who cast their votes in his favor across the seven local government areas (LGAs) of Kwara South.

While recognizing that his brother, Senator Lola Ashiru, was re-elected by the people, Prof. Sulaiman remained committed to serving the interests of the community.

He reiterated his belief in being a professional in politics rather than a professional politician, emphasizing his dedication to addressing the needs and aspirations of those who have been denied the dividends of democracy for far too long.

Declining to provide directives to his supporters regarding their political affiliations, Prof. Sulaiman stressed the importance of individual decision-making in accordance with personal interests.

He urged all individuals to consider how they can best serve their interests and encouraged them to support the state and federal governments in their efforts to improve the state and the country as a whole.

While his life’s calling lies in neurosurgery, neurosciences, healthcare leadership, and administration, Prof. Sulaiman affirmed his unwavering commitment to utilizing his expertise and resources to propel Kwara State and Nigeria forward.

Furthermore, he expressed his family’s dedication to philanthropy and their ongoing support of Nigeria’s economic development through their work in the private sector.

In concluding his message, Prof. Wale Sulaiman extended his well wishes to his supporters and their families, hoping that they would achieve their heart’s desires.

With his passionate commitment to improving healthcare, Prof. Wale Sulaiman continues to be an influential figure in the medical field and a catalyst for positive change in Nigeria.

Although his recent electoral bid did not yield the desired outcome, his aspirations for a better future for Kwara South remain unwavering.

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