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Ubandawaki Artisans Endorse Omoluabi’s Senatorial Ambition

by Editor

Various associations of artisans from Ubandawaki ward earlier today endorsed the PDP Kwara Central Senatorial Candidate and former Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi in recognition of his excellent performance, both at the State and national levels.

Former chairman of Kwara artisan association, Alhaji Alawaye urged every member to spread the message of Omoluabi interventions in order to ensure that meaningful progress reaches the people by electing the quality in the candidacy of the former Minister.

Also speaking at the event was Comrade Abdullahi Kayode who reiterated that the PDP has positioned itself as a friendly party to artisans. He recalled that the party has done wonderfully well for the Kwara Artisan Association while in power, thus bringing to memory the #100,000,000 done by the previous administration in the state .

“Omoluabi is a performer that maximally utilises the opportunities of every office he has occupied, and he also well known for saying the hard truth needed for true progress in our society,” Says Abdullahi Kayode.

Artisans at the gathering lamented the arbitrary hardship associated with doing business in Nigeria, ranging from rising cost of production, unconducive business environment and low patronage ever since the emergence of the APC government.

Collectively, the artisans frowned at the APC government, both at state and national levels, while a chant of “O su wa” (we are fed up) took over the hall.

The former Minister appreciates the people for the endorsement and promised to continue to do everything in his capacity to support the artisans as he has been doing if elected. “It is audible to the deaf and visible to the blind that the APC led government, both at the State and Federal levels, have unbelievably failed the country. Our country is desperately in need of big ideas for our collective salvation as it seems the people occupying and seeking for votes under the APC are obviously and incredibly clueless about leadership,” Abdullahi said.

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