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Kwara North Is Most Interested In Development And Not Sudden Power Shift – Kolo Jerry

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The Senior Special Assistant on Media and Public Relations to Kwara State governor, Hon. Kolo Jerry has disclosed that people of Kwara north senatorial district are most interested in overall development of the area and not sudden power shift to the area this time around.

Jerry who said the idea is not yet realistic, considering the current political atmosphere and prevailing circumstances, though believed it can only be realized after Governor AbdulRazaq’s second term.

The Senior Special Assistant, who happened to be a front line stakeholder in the area made the disclosure in Ilorin, weekend while addressing participants at SYMBOL OF CHANGE MEDIA ROUNDTABLE.

“What the people of kwara north senatorial district wanted is development and not sudden power shift, as being wrongfully agitated by a section of indigenes of Kwara north senatorial district,” he said.

He expressed disgust over the section of people clamouring for the power shift, noting they are the same set of people that fully participated in the previous administrations that inflicted untold hardship on the people of the area, by allowing infrastructure rots and deficiency.

He observed that there is neither sense of sincerity nor genuine intention in their course, rather they are merely interested in clinching power for their usual selfishness and greed, at the expense of the region and the entire state.

“I come from Kwara north and I know the challenges that we are facing. I was once chairman of Coalition of Kwara North Group, the only body that brings the entire kwara north people together, therefore, I knew the issues and challenges and sincerely His Excellency, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq has helped us to address some of them, I mean the major concern of the people is being solved appropriately.

“In the past, I was among those genuinely leading the power shift agitation, but when we see that Governor AbdulRazaq is doing what we desired as regards impactful development projects, we decided to allow him to continue the good work, since that is what we are yearning for in the first place. So after his second term in office, we will all ensure power shift to our area,” he explained.

He said, the fact that the protracted neglect and lack of development gap created by the previous governments in kwara State is now being attended to by the present administration of Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq through meaningful provision of social amenities and infrastructural development, such as good roads, water infrastructure, befitting health facilities and schools in the area, there is no need for sudden shift of power to the region.

He said, the people of the region have agreed to rather observe the reality of situation and appropriateness, so as to enable the people appreciate the commitment of Governor AbdulRazaq towards the development of the state, especially, the kwara north district and know exactly when to lobby for power shift to the region.

He said the current agitation which could be sentimental and emotional by those recently propagating it, is likely inappropriate at the moment for the fact that God has already blessed the state with a governor that listen to the people of the area and subsequently addressing the various challenges previously facing the kwara north district of the state.

Jerry who was also the former Chairman, Kwara North Youth Development Council, said since Governor AbdulRazaq is ensuring steady development in the area, he should be allowed to solidify the good job that he is currently doing, so that he could build a solid foundation of development for the region by allowing him a second term.

He added that after his second term it will then be convenient for a northern kwara extraction to take over as governor and continue the good job that Mallam AbdulRazaq has started across the state entirely.

“That is why those of us from Kwara north are giving him the necessary support for re – election, more so that in kwara we need somebody that can make things work positively, somebody that has independent mind of his own to a larger extent. Such individual cannot be easily distracted and he will be able to turn things around positively.

“Though, such disposition may not be comfortable with many, especially the political class, but if you truly want development which is the primary and pivot of good governance, you need somebody like Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for a second term in office.

“Today, we can all see development in all parts of the state, cutting across Kwara Central, North and South, unlike before when it was concentrated in Ilorin, the state capital, though, very insufficient.

“If you go to Kwara north and kwara south today, you will see numerous completed development projects, while some are ongoing. The governor has been able to strike a balance between resource allocation and distribution.

“No doubt, His Excellency is very good at managing resources in the manner that it will do the needful for the state’s development and general wellbeing of the people,” he explained.

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